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    Brasserie des Carrières :

    62 Rue de Condé - 7971 Basècles, Belgique
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A passion, a region, a beer ...

Diôle, a Belgian beer for lovers of local products !
La Diôle


La Brasserie des Carrières

The project of the «Brasserie des Carrières" is born from the passion of two friends for local products, especially beer, a national specialty that is internationally recognized.

In June 2000, after having finished high school they desire to get to know the Belgian beer specialties better, Julien Slabbinck and Francois Amorison decide to take a motorcycle trip with the objective to visit the main Walloon breweries.

10 years later, after a career in the brewing industry for Julien and the timber industry for Francois, the two companions decide to start their own brewery in Basècles.

Then, still looking for a location ... The infrastructure of the former sawmill Amorison, situated in rue de Conde, had interesting possibilities, with some adjustments and a refreshing drink!

The objective is focused on the production of handmade local beer, brewed with natural regional products. The barley is grown by two farmers on the land of the village, 1 km from the brewery and is then converted into malt in the malting of the castle located 7 km from Basècles. The hop comes partly from plants of hops grown on the grounds of the brewery. Wood, historical heritage of the site, will be used for manufacturing the beer trays. The choice fell on the poplar tree of Hainaut.

Two years were needed for the purchase of equipment (acquired on the occasion at various Belgian breweries which have not hesitated to help launch the two young people) and the restoration of the buildings, and it was in November 2012 that the chimney of the brewery let out for the first time a sweet scent of hops ...

Now search for a name for this beer! After many searches in the Basecloise literature on the marble past Diôle appeared as a good compromise because, as the tool to pull the tails to polish marble was erased from the memories of most people throughout time, despite this, the term " Diôle " 'is still well and truly present in the local dialect and moreover fell in different sauces! The particle 'Di' will refer to the two friends of this wonderful story.

Officially available since 21 December 2012, Diôle is available directly in the brewery every Saturday from 8h00 to 18h00. To obtain this delicious beverage we also refer to our list of retail outlets.

We welcome you with pleasure !

  • 62, Rue de Condé 7971 - Basècles (Belgique)
Image Description


    It's about a blond copper beer with a white mousse, plentiful and consists of fine bubbels.
    The saturation of the beer brings a fine air bubble with it, thanks to the bottom of the glass.
    To the nose Diôle provides fresh fruity aromas of citrus but also the fresh aroma of hops.
    In the mouth we find fruity aromas such as citrus, passion fruit and a very slight hint of red fruit.
    The flames of the burners provide a light caramelized touch upon tasting. Due to the fermentation of the beer little residual sugars are left which makes the beer easy to digest.
    Trough the use of hop and it's alcohol level of 6,5 % you gain a refreshing feeling.
  • La Basèque
    La Basèque…
    the second beer made by the brewery at the occasion of the carnival of Basècles.
    Brewed in September 2013, at the Diôle festivities, with it's flowers of hop, freshly picked by the children and the malt is grown on less than 1 km from the brewery. This beer is a beer that is 100% composed of regional products from our village...
    It's name was quickly found… "Basèque" !
    Fermented in the bottle and with a moderate alcohol percentage ( 5,5 % ),Basèque also presents those notions of hop and a digestable charachter which makes it an ideal beer for carnival !
    Bottled after a maturation of 3 months, this harvest of 2013 " special regional "is limited to 4900 bottles of 75 cl and from sale as of 1 February 2014 in the brewery and all businesses of Basècles.
    Visibility: very elegant dark amber color, beautiful persistence of the foam head taken up by fine air bubbles, density and strenght.
    Nose: pleasant nose, fruity fragrance, light touch of citrus and a little hint of flowers complemented by a slightly roasted touch.
    Mouth: all that we perceive with the nose we find back in the mouth, a very moderate body provides an easy and pleasant tasting.
    We find the roasted touch back more then in the nose but the caramelized touch brings a soft sensation in the mouth.
    A slight warmth is felt in the back of the mouth leaving a slightly bitter touch.
    A second sip already presents itself…

    Artisan fermented Christmas beer, fermented in the bottle with 100 % natural ingredients from local soil.
    Developed on a basis of 4 different kinds of hops, no spices or adjuvants, this beer will definitely seduce you with it's fruity notions and refreshing character.

  • La Diôle Brune
    Vue: Robe foncée avec des reflets rougeatres . Mousse constituée de fines bulles, compacte et légèrement colorée.

    Nez: Agréable, arôme florale, fruité, on y retrouve une note de caramel. Agrémenté d’une note torréfiée, café légère.

    Bouche: On y découvre les notes florales et fruitées accompagnée du caramel. Un corps très modéré permet une dégustation facile et agréable.

    Une légère chaleur arrive en fin de bouche avec une douce post amertume qui disparait en laissant une agréable sensation.
Soon we will be there with new features ...



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Une Passion, Un terroir, une Bière ...

La Diôle, une bière belge pour les amoureux du terroir !

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